Welcome to EnneagramWorks website and blog. I hope you find this site accessible, informative and a place to find events that foster community, education and growth. EW blog is devoted to exploring life with insights informed by the Enneagram and the mindfulness practices it implies.

My passion for the Enneagram began the day I attended a day-long workshop on Martha’s Vineyard, MA with a gifted teacher, Amy Zoll. The workshop was panel style, listening to people of the same type relay their point of view. I was jarred awake by the theme that ran through each type, even as each person was unique.

There is a phenomenon called perceptual blindness. It is the inability to perceive things that are in plain sight. That day I “saw” the types as though I should have known they were there all the time. Immediately, a whole new world opened up that would allow me to understand myself and others. Here was something with a weird name that held rationally, the paradox of individualism, thematic viewpoints and Essence all in One whole existence.

By the time the workshop was over, a passion had formed within me that has shaped the course of my life and attention. EnneagramWorks is a way for me to share, teach and learn from you as a journey of “perceptual awakening.”



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