Thoughts on the Law of Three

The laws of threeThe occurrence of the law of three in the Enneagram is of endless fascination to me. Three centers, three instincts, three triangles (if you connect the invisible lines), three tendencies of movement: Withdraw, Assert, Comply and the list goes on. I’m reading a biography of an East Indian Mahatma, Kirpal Singh, who said, ‘All religions agree that Life, Light and Love are the three phases of the Supreme Source of all that exists. These essential attributes of the divinity that is ONE, … are also wrought into the very pattern of every sentient being. It is in this vast ocean of Love, Light and life that we live…’

If this pattern of Love, Light and Life is the very existence in which we live, then identifying our individual distortions of these Essential Attributes, i.e.; our Type, is a vital and worthwhile journey. I’m glad the Enneagram shows me the pattern of how I get in my Essential way. And I’m glad this journey is leading me toward knowing who I really Am and as a part of that, loving others.

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