Subtypes/Survival Instincts

Subtypes represent survival Instincts.

There are three basic subtypes, Self Preservation, Social and Sexual or One to One.
Subtypes are the instinctual drives we have to survive. The instinctual drives are the needs of food/basic necessities/shelter, groups/society, one to one connection/procreation. Every person has all three instinctual drives but one is usually more pronounced.

There is a cause and effect relationship between the subtype and the personality type; when there is the perception of threat, the energy of the survival instinct ramps up the personality type. The degree to which we are motivated to “survive” is in direct proportion to the distortions of our type.

There are moments in life when survival is paramount. But more often than not, we are acting in response to a perceived threat instead of real threat.

Self-Preservation Subtype

These people tend to focus on sustenance needs. Attention goes toward managing (or not managing) home, health, finances, food and family. They are energetically a “warm” type, usually friendly and open. The self-pres person generally responds positively or negatively to the environment etc., more readily than others.

Social Subtype

People who are social subtypes focus on the group and their placement and that of others in the group. Conversely, a social subtype may choose not to participate in groups but reference to the group remains. The group could be family, school, work, community, government etc. Social subtypes are energetically “cool” and depending on the type, sometimes aloof. They tend to be keenly aware or unobservant of social structure and norm.

Sexual or One to One Subtype

Sexual subtype people focus on one to one interaction. Attention goes toward relationship and intensity. Whether the relationship is sexual or not, these people tend to merge or develop personal closeness with the other. Specifically, in the area of sex, this subtype may or may not have difficulty expressing themselves. Energetically, sexual subtypes are “hot” and intense. One to one subtypes often make sacrifices for the other in relationship for security.