The Three Centers

The nine types are divided into three groups, each group having a prevailing emotional theme and intuitive ability. We, of course, possess and have access to and all three centers.

Body Types 8,9,1

Instinctual Center – Somatic Intelligence – Anger/Serenity

Anger is the prevailing emotion as a reaction to having fallen asleep to their true priorities. Those inhabiting the Instinctual Center are concerned with power and control. Serenity, knowing that all is right in the world, is the corresponding emotion.

Nines suppress their anger in the attempt to maintain harmony. They manage their inner an outer environments as a means of control. Eights unleash their anger easily but often to detrimental effect. Control is direct, with a take-charge attitude. Ones suppress anger in an attempt to be good. They express control by correcting error.

In all types, healthy anger is used to draw boundaries and clarify purpose.
The anger of the Nine leads to right action. The anger of the Eight exposes truth and provides protection and the anger of the one stands for what is truly right.

Intuition in this center is expressed by a knowing that comes from the senses. “I have a gut feeling.”

Heart Types 2,3,4

Emotional Center – Empathic Intelligence – Grief/Joy

Grief is the prevailing emotion as a result of a sense of unworthiness, of not knowing who they really are. Those inhabiting this center are concerned with image. Joy, a sense of pleasure and delight, is the corresponding emotion.

Threes are the most out of touch with feeling in order to perform. They create an image of achievement and success. Fours internalize feelings, internalizing or introjecting an ideal. They create the image that they are different and unique. Twos externalize feelings by sensing the needs of others, creating an image of being likeable and thoughtful.

In all types, knowing how we feel and trusting our feelings is a vital contribution.
When a Three is in touch with sadness, it triggers self-introspection. Fours express forgiveness when they allow sadness to flow through and release. Twos who connect with their feelings, take care of themselves and give freely.

Intuition in this center is expressed by a knowing that is empathic. “I feel.”

Mental Types 5,6,7

Mental Center – Mental Intuition – Fear/Trust

Fear is the prevailing emotion in response to the perception of not having the resources to cope. Those inhabiting this center are concerned with security. Trust, knowing that we possess what we need and are provided for, is the corresponding emotion.

Sixes try to anticipate danger and prepare for its perceived eventuality or they charge headlong into danger as a means of overriding fear. Fives withdraw to manage intrusion and perceived lack of resources. They rely on obtaining knowledge to cope. Sevens avoid fear by seeking positive options and making plans.

In all types, fear is a signal that something is wrong and invites action. When a six feels fear, it is an invitation to see reality and act with trust. When Fives engage in life, their resources become apparent. When Sevens allow themselves to experience the full range of emotions life has to offer, they experience maturity.

Intuition in this center is expressed by a knowing that is mental. “I think.”