What will it do for me?

The value of the Enneagram lies in experiencing life more fully.

• It is an introspective guide that shows us our personality and our inherent Essence.
• It teaches us a way to listen, communicate and appreciate ourselves and others.
• The Enneagram is a model for all people; it is cross-cultural in every sense of the phrase.

We live with differing viewpoints in our immediate surroundings and the world over. “Getting the big picture” as well as clear insight into oneself is rewarding and powerful.


A Romantic (Type 4) knows that envy gets in the way of expressing her true talents. But she knows that is not all who she is. Fours have the ability to sense when the balance of life is off in them and at times, in others. They have the ability to add wisdom through equanimity.

With this knowledge we know that Fours the world over have a similar experience. We now can better understand, support, learn from and appreciate Fours. Our listening and language develops as a result of this information.

People of all Types deserve the opportunity to enrich their lives, to be recognized and to contribute to our world with the best tools available.